Corona Virus System Restart Advice

Restarting your Hartridges postmix system

Getting your postmix system up and running again should be a simple task that you or your staff can follow without the need to wait for an engineer to attend.

The below step by step guide will take you through the process and should take no longer than 30 minutes to carry out.

STEP 1 – Clean ALL dispense heads.
STEP 2 – Turn ON CO2
STEP 3 – Turn ON Water
STEP 4 – Cooler & Carbonator

If switched OFF: Push soda button on dispense head until only gas comes through (no water). Repeat for all dispense heads. Now turn the power back ON to the cooler & carbonator.

Note: It will take 2 hours before the drinks will pour at the correct temperature. Please still proceed with the remaining setup.

If switched ON already: Proceed to next step

STEP 5 – Change OUT OF DATE boxes

For all NON Juice products: Remove and replace any OUT OF DATE connected boxes.

For Juice Products: Remove ALL juice boxes, even if in date. Flush the line with warm water as per cleaning instructions provided. Now connect new fresh boxes.

STEP 6 – Pull through all flavours

Using the furthest dispense head, flush through ½ a bucket of EACH flavour.

For all other dispense heads flush through 2 pints of EACH flavour.

The system is now ready for use

If any issues, then call our fault line on 01403 248988